Private Vics is a horror/comedy audio drama podcast, created by Liz Denys and Kanane Jones.

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The Story

Two friends who both happen to be named Victoria (but don't call them that!) meet at a ghost hunting convention, resulting in the finest paranormal private detective agency the world has ever known (or maybe it's just the silliest). If you're having an issue with hauntings, curses, cryptids or other paranormal phenomena, or even if you just want some spooky research done, the Private Vics of Victori Investigations should be your first stop!


A framed silhouette of Vic

Vic (Victoria Lane)


Vic has had a lot of careers over the years, but investigating the paranormal is the first one that stuck. Zie is driven by a love of research and all things weird but isn't always the most organized in how zie approaches it... Similar to zir professional life, zie's lived in a lot of different places but has come to call San Francisco home.

A framed silhouette of Tori

Tori (Victoria Page)

they/them or she/her

Tori started out as a producer for reality TV, then shifted towards ghost hunting/paranormal investigation shows. This interest brought them to the convention where they met Vic and bonded instantly. Tori is a big fan of structure and brings the organization to their organization. Tori is originally from Washington, D.C. but moved to New York for their career and hasn't looked back since.

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Supporting Characters

To be announced...

Behind the Scenes

Private Vics is created and written by Liz Denys and Kanane Jones. Produced by Liz Denys. Graphic design and visual art direction by Kanane Jones. Sound design by Liz Denys. Theme music based on excerpts of "Neptune: The Mystic", from Gustav Holst's original two-piano arrangement of The Planets and arranged by Liz Denys. Social media management by Kanane Jones. Starring Kanane Jones as Vic and Liz Denys as Tori.


Liz Denys

Liz is a lifelong technologist and outspoken proponent of computer security, currently co-hosting and producing a podcast about making good computer security for everyone called Loose Leaf Security. They have dabbled in many creative pursuits over the years, including studying vocal performance for over a decade. Liz lives in Brooklyn with their partner Matt and octogenarian baby grand piano Josephine. You can find more of their work at lizdenys.com.

Kanane Jones

Kanane is a writer and also the creator of a number of small indie games, most notably Final Girls, a game about life after trauma told via a number of well known horror movie characters. They have lived in many places scattered across three continents but currently reside happily in San Francisco with their sphynx cat Teto. You can find more of their work at spidey.com.