Ground Rules

Private Vics: a new horror/comedy audio drama podcast about two friends who investigate the weird and spooky in New York and San Francisco, from Liz Denys & Kanane Jones. Season 1 coming soon! Subscribe now on your favorite podcatcher.

Ground Rules episode art

Sound and production by Liz Denys
Written by Liz Denys and Kanane Jones
Kanane Jones as Vic and Liz Denys as Tori
Theme music based on excerpts of "Neptune: The Mystic", from Gustav Holst's original two-piano arrangement of The Planets
Logo by Kanane Jones


Vic: Tor, Tor - I have so much to tell you!

Tori: I know, I know, but we have to set some ground rules or we're -

Vic: But but you know that pooka caper -

Tori: Believe me, Vic, I want to hear what happened as least as much as you want to tell me about it, but we're now a few months behind on debriefing cases, and it's starting to impact the amount of new work we can take on.

Vic: I don't get it. What are you saying?

Tori: You know even I'm not actually excited about filing reports and debriefing what worked and what didn't, but you know as well as I do how often these sorts of occurrences find a way to reappear.

Vic: Oh yeah, like the Bodie Curse - I bet that's gonna come up again.

Tori: What curse was that?

Vic: Oh, you know - I went to that ghost town in the Mojave -

Tori: Ah, now, I know what case you're talking about; let's hold off on it for now. I also have no doubt that the Houston Street subway spirits will find a way to come up again.

Vic: Definitely. Oh! And our mermaid client, we don't want to lose track of her case history.

Tori: Someday I'll remember she's all the motivation you need to do a little more bureaucracy.

Vic: I'm just not used to being produced yet. Okay, so what were you thinking? How do you want to set this up?

Tori: I know we chat all the time, but I'm thinking end of the week calls, set aside just for reviewing closed cases. Or at least the ones we've shelved for now.

Vic: So like one case per call? Or do we want to try and get a whole bunch done at once and get it over with...

Tori: Big cases: one per call. Smaller things: we can combine, but I'll make sure that we've got an agenda so we're giving each case the attention it deserves, not just the fun ones, Vic.

Vic: Ugh, fine. You're so organized! I promise that's a compliment. I swear.

Tori: It's okay; you don't need to like it.

Vic: Heh, okay. Where do you want to start? With our mermaid friend? Or my trip to the desert?

Tori: Nope, we've got to start with that pooka heist - that case was closed first. I've got to check them off my list.

Vic: Of course you do. So we have a plan?

Tori: Yup! Should we get started?

Theme music plays.

Tori: Private Vics, an audio drama about a bi-coastal detective agency

Vic: I'm Vic,

Tori: and I'm Tori!

Vic: And we love to investigate the weird

Tori: and supernatural

Vic: hauntings and cryptids

Tori: from the Atlantic

Vic: all the way to the Pacific.

Tori: Subscribe now and visit to hear all about our cases in and around New York City

Vic: all the way to San Francisco. Coming soon!

Theme music fades out.

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